Looking forward to seeing you all this Monday evening (3/14)!  I’ll try to do an abridged version of the lecture I had planned for our last meeting, plus get started on the lecture I planned for this week, plus give you some time to meet with your book groups and topic teams.  Remember, everyone should have completed the reading listed for their book this week, and posted two items to their topic blog page by the start of class.

Also wanted to let you know about the big event planned for next Monday (3/21) on campus.  The students of the Sustainability Council are hosting “Bag the Bag” including three screenings of the feature film Bag It, local speakers discussing plastic waste issues and proposed bag bans in our area, plus food, fundraisers, petitions and fun stuff from noon to 7pm.  See the Sustainability Council website for details.  Extra credit available for attending, helping out and/or posting your comments.