Our next class meeting (3/28) we will have a potluck.  Please bring a dish or beverage to share, plus your own reusable plate, utensils, cup and napkin.

We will also be doing our “Book Roundtable” this week.  Be sure to post your first book response by Saturday, 3/26 to get full credit.  Then have a look at your book page before class to see your group-mates’ responses and be prepared to talk about them.  You will have some time in class to discuss your book with your group, then your group will do an informal presentation.  This is your chance to share with the class what you think are the most important points from your reading and/or discussions and answer their questions.

Don’t forget the Bag the Bag event on March 21st.  See the Sustainability Council website for details.  Extra credit available for attending, helping out and/or posting your comments.  Also,  Earth Week at Cabrillo is coming up – April 18th -22nd!