In this course, we will examine innovative sustainability solutions that are transforming the way the world works, including tools and ideas for creating sustainable lifestyles, businesses, communities and cultures. We will investigate the complex systems and networks experiencing dynamic change in our environment, our economy and our society to understand where we are now. We will explore scenario-building strategies to imagine culture changes in future decades.

See for syllabus.

One Response to “About Anthro 19G”

  1. seatruth Says:

    Greetings all…just wanted to say hi…establish an account…username is seatruth, same as my email, but I go by Loki….some of you in the class I know, and hi!!! It’s great to see you, and others, well, I am excited to get to know you!!! I am looking forward to meeting people who want to be part of the solution, and get out there and make a difference! Aloha, Loki

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