For Blessed Unrest book group: enter your reading homework for these three questions here (be sure to add useful comments on your topic page).

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Read Ch 1, 2 & 3 (p. 48) Read Ch 4 & 5 (p. 86) and post responses for Ch 1-5 Read Ch 6 & 7 (p. 138) Ch 8 & 9 (p. 190) Appendix sections appropriate to your presentation topic and post responses for Ch 6-9 & Appendix
  1. Explain how one idea in the reading relates to other topics already covered in class or something you learned elsewhere (another class or life experience).
  2. List what you think are the three to five most important points made in the reading.
  3. Write a question to provoke discussion among others who read the same passage.

40 Responses to “Blessed Unrest

  1. dmuszyn Says:

    Paul Hawken’s provides encouragement this optimism is well founded with researched evidence of the Social Justice movements His comparison between humanities resilience and are own Immune systems providing the function of im munis or the function of the latin meaning ready to serve give me hope that the network of passionately laboring organizations are bringing balance. I am not confident that we will reach a Utopian state but that we will continue to struggle forward naturally to survive finding solutions to turn this Life on earth into an infinite game.
    An activist is anyone who acts to create environmental or social justice maybe this can be as simple as teaching your child to respect and help the elderly. An important lasting impression is that it doesn’t have to be Grandiose and in the Media to be valid and effective.
    My life is my message. You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
    Mohandas Gandhi

    The Question is:
    What can I do today to make a difference

  2. kdeming1 Says:

    Hawken compares poverty and climate change.”Although poverty and climate change seemunrelated, the have common roots for the simple reason that we are natural, literally in every molecule and neuron.” (71) This is the idea of systems and networks. We are all in this system that is the Earth.
    2.Main Ideas
    Everyone need to realize on a personel level that their is a movement going on (“the largest social movement in history”) out there and they should be a part of it
    One person can have a major impact on the way the world works.
    The world today need to learn from the mistakes of the past.
    3.In Emerson’s Savants, Hawken gives example of heroic and corageous leaders who helped change the course of history. Does it take a courageous and heroic person to bring change or can a group of devoted individuals, working towards a goal, aslo create change.

  3. dmuszyn Says:

    I think the basic point is that there is alot of injustice happening to the planet and to the species that inhabit earth. Humanity has the ability to rise up and create change. In order for the human species to survive the natural order of action is that passion will/can drive change.
    I personally know people who do not believe that there is any hope for humanity. That we are on a trajectory of doom, not enough people care and will not until we are in some kind of Armageddon state and it will be too late. I can’t embrace that mind set it would be too divastating for me, the human Psyche is fragile and needs hope.What degree of circumstances does it take to motivate great change?

  4. shawnblouth Says:

    lt was very interesting when l read through chapter 4 and thought about the balance between human rights and the rights of a business, because just today in my business class we went over our chapter on ethics. l felt that the two topics were really one and the same simply worded differently, corporations and businesses can be ruthless and with no moral compass however like Blessed Unrest says “Whenever and wherever that (human) right is violated, human beings rise up” so we must not lose hope.
    The first point l would like to make is that l do not believe that Rachel Carson’s death was a coincident at all, l believe that she fought so hard for her cause that she literally gave everything she had to prove how bad the pesticides are for the earth. There is a circle of life and Rachel was a spokesperson for mother earth.

    My next point is going to be about how affective on person can be on this planet. Just reading the short story about Rachel has show me that even though l dont hear about all the great people and the great things they do doesnt mean that there not there. lf we all were to try to do the right thing and dedicate our selves to something like Rachel did this world would be a better place.

    so l would like to ask the question what do you think inspired Rachel to work her self to death for this cause?

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