For Cradle to Cradle book group: do the assigned readings before you come to class on the date listed; enter your reading homework for these three questions here (remember to enter useful comments on your topic page, as well). 

2/28 3/14 3/28 4/11 4/25
Intro, Ch 1 (p. 44) Ch 2 & 3 (p. 91) Ch 4 (p. 117) and post responses for Ch1-4 Ch 5 (p. 156) Ch 6 (p. 186) and post responses for Ch 4-6
  1. Explain how one idea in the reading relates to other topics already covered in class or something you learned elsewhere (another class or life experience).
  2. List what you think are the three to five most important points made in the reading.
  3. Write a question to provoke discussion among others who read the same passage.

75 Responses to “Cradle to Cradle

  1. jocroce Says:

    1-Everything they talk about is great, but how can we get it out there? And how can we begin to transition towards the eco-effectiveness they describe? The idea of changes cascading upwards or downwards, that we talked about in class, relates to this, because I think we need all of it. We need consumers only buying products that contain only safe stuff, and we need the president making big policy changes. And we need big companies, manufacturers, to rethink the whole process.
    2- A disassembly line to reuse the parts of a car.
    Get all super harmful, dangerous chemicals out of the system from the beginning.
    “Imagine what a world of prosperity and health in the future will look like, and begin designing for it right now.”
    3- What would that would that future look like? Work backwards… how can we get there?

  2. 1. We talked about systems a bit in the last class, and I like the idea of one entity benefiting and nourishing another entity, as they discussed in the last chapters. They imagined a car that was made purely of P-list materials and emitted not minimal bad emissions, but GOOD emissions. As the car drives, it releases water vapor that is caught and stored for other uses. Of course, I liked that then they said maybe it was a good idea to rethink cars all together (you will know why I like this so much tomorrow in my presentation). (:

    2. a) It’s very important, I think, that we don’t just replace bad substances with other bad substances, or sacrifice one thing for another. It would be ideal to have every aspect of a product beneficial to every aspect of the planet.
    b) It’s great that they give you a step-by-step to eco-effectiveness, and I think it would be good for everyone to read.
    c) Another good point is that advertising can be very misleading because “arsenic free” does NOT mean the product is in any way healthy or safe.
    d) The idea of a new industrial revolution really thrills me. Maybe we’ll get it right this time.

    3. Do you think that if the public was educated about what was in their products and how truly harmful it is to the health of people and planet, there would be enough outcry as to spark the political action to ban all carcinogens, teratogens, etc.?

  3. Hi all! I’m not part of this group but I thought it would be cool if anyone who wants to trade books tomorrow with another group, bring your copy.

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