In order to ease distribution of information (and to avoid the appearance of political bias from the instructor) please use this page to post notices of any community events you wish to share with your classmates.  This page will serve to facilitate peer-to-peer dialog about events that are more political than educational, but should not be construed as an official endorsement of any such events.  Please feel free to post any announcement that seems important to you and those you’ve met in class –  I will leave posts here with no editing or comments (provided they do not include commercial interests, abusive or obscene materials).

Thanks for your energy and engagement with issues!  Keep thinking, and act on your conclusions.

29 Responses to “Community Events”

  1. beverly1748 Says:

    sorry for the late notice–i just got this.

    Japanese Nuclear Disaster: Impacts & Implications
    Talk by Daniel Hirsch, UCSC Lecturer on Nuclear Policy Tues, 4/19 @ 7pm Stevenson Event Ctr. Free & Open to the Public

    Another opportunity to hear a talk by a local resource who knows more about nuclear issues than pretty much anybody — and has a great deal more WISDOM on it than most of the other “experts”.
    His talks are always electrifying (shocking!).
    GO TO THIS — and SPREAD THE WORD! (Enough of this “environmentalist” nonsense that nuclear fission power plants are our only realistic hope for avoiding a worsening of climate change, already!)
    — Joe Jordan, Cabrillo Instructor

  2. beverly1748 Says:

    Wed nite, 4/20 @ 9pm channel 9, KQED
    Nova presents: A Power Surge, the Green Revoltuion
    some surprising sources of renewables

  3. beverly1748 Says:

    Education for Sustainable Living Program
    Mon Nite Lecture Series @ UCSC

    April 18th- Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander & Tim Galarneau:Food Systems

    Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander, Author of “Comfortably Unaware: Global Depletion and Food Choice Responsibility,” Dr. Oppenlander is a sustainability advocate, writer, and speaker committed to improving the health of our planet. Through literary work or in person, he brings an eclectic combination of experiences regarding this topic spanning the past 40 years. Since the early 1970’s, Dr. Oppenlander has extensively studied the effect our food choices have on our health and the immense impact those choices have on our environment. He is president and founder of an organic vegan food production and education business, and has given hundreds of lectures, presentations, and open discussions on the topic of food choice. He has been a featured guest appearing on radio shows, in newspapers and magazines. With “Comfortably Unaware” as well as with his speaking engagements, Dr. Oppenlander addresses the fact that our current choices of foods are causing Global Depletion-the loss of our land, water, air/atmosphere, food supply, biodiversity, energy resources, and our own health. In compelling fashion, he reveals serious inefficiencies and unsustainable practices in our current food production systems and explores unique solutions. Along the way, Dr. Oppenlander challenges audiences with new insights regarding how this has happened- exposing our cultural, social, educational, governmental, and even media influences.

    Comfortably Unaware: BOOK SIGNING

    Tim Galarneau is a past Roots of Change Fellow who works as an education and research program specialist on social issues for the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) focusing on farm to institution, community food systems, and student education and empowerment. He also serves as an advisor to campus farm to college efforts as a Board member for the California Student Sustainability Coalition and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. In addition, Tim is a co-founder of the Real Food Challenge that is working to shift over $1 billion in annual food procurement and consumption in colleges and universities in the United States by 2020 toward greater sustainability. Most recently, Tim is part of a diverse network of young leaders across the country, known as Live Real, that are creating a new “move-entity” for empowering youth and vulnerable communities toward changing their food systems

    1. beverly1748 Says:

      P.S. takes place in Classrm Unit II @ UCSC

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