Post your “COMMUNITY GARDENS, CO-OPS AND ECOVILLAGES” topical homework here:

  1. Note any important points from your book reading that connect with or inform your research topic.
  2. Post a link or citation for at least one article per week on your topic (you should have actually read it, and it will help your teammates if you add some comment as to what interested you).

Folks on other topic teams are welcome to make comments, suggest links, or anything else that would be helpful to this team.

14 Responses to “Community Gardens, Co-Ops and Ecovillages”

  1. seatruth Says:

    oops…here’s the article so you know what it is I am talking about….

  2. seatruth Says:

    I just got this cool article in my email….what a great way to bring in the old with the new and vice versa… this could start a real revolution…if its possible in LA….how might we encourage something like this in Santa Cruz. I love the idea about community and being self sustaining, but there is this feeling of being alienated with the same people day in an day out. With all the connection happening through the internet and all the diverse relationships we encounter, might it not be suggested that what we relly want is each other? This article seems like a great start to the beginnings of community. Reaching out, getting to know who lives next to you…stop being so absorbed and shake the hands of your neighbor. Anyway, thought it would be nice to keep up the inspiration….just cause the class is over….we can help the seeds grow. Blessings…..Loki

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