Here’s a space to share ideas about how to promote sustainability at Cabrillo. Be sure to see the Cabrillo Green Steps page for more connections and events.

One path we hope to follow is to introduce new classes featuring sustainability curricula, and the development of an interdisciplinary Environmental Studies / Sustainability A.A. degree program, per student request.

14 Responses to “Sustainability at Cabrillo”

  1. Monday 5/23 7pm
    The Last Dymaxion: Buckminster Fuller’s Dream Restored – an evening with filmmaker Noel Murphy
    Forum (rm450), Aptos Campus
    An interactive presentation by Noel Murphy, including segments of his new film The Last Dymaxion and discussing the meaning of a “sustainable mindset.” The Last Dymaxion is a comprehensive look at the core of Bucky’s Design Science. Noel Murphy, great grandson of General Motors Co-founder M.J. Murphy, will discuss the importance of not only leadership in transportation technology, but also thought itself as a technology required to accelerate the delivery of sustainable transportation solutions worldwide. He’ll also relate some of his experiences working with Norman Foster, Jay Baldwin and Allegra Fuller and Jay Leno while making the film. The Cabrillo Sustainability Council will also announce the student winners of the Cabrillo Carpooling poster design contest. To learn more, visit and

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