Here’s a space to share ideas about how to promote sustainability at Cabrillo. Be sure to see the Cabrillo Green Steps page for more connections and events.

One path we hope to follow is to introduce new classes featuring sustainability curricula, and the development of an interdisciplinary Environmental Studies / Sustainability A.A. degree program, per student request.


14 Responses to “Sustainability at Cabrillo”

  1. 5th Annual Social Justice Conference, Cabrillo College, April 29th & 30th: Click here for program info.

    Extra credit opportunity for this class – come do a repeat of your topic presentation (all, part or something else – individually or as a team) in my Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities panel during the Social Justice Conference at Cabrillo on Saturday April 30th 8:30am to 3:30pm. You will need to confirm your intention to do this – send me an email with your plan. Such presentations are also great additions to your resume/transfer application! The Social Justice Conference is an excellent (free) annual event; please consider attending even if you don’t want to present.

  2. Cabrillo College Bicycle Cooperative is giving away a Canondale Quick6 to the winner of their essay contest. In 500 words or a 5 minute video, answer “How will a bicycle change your life, and how will your life change the Earth?” Entries must be received at the Bike Coop or emailed to by noon on April 15, 2011. See flier at

  3. rwetheyoung Says:

    I unfortunately had to work during the Bag the bag event, but I’m very interested in the Panetta Institute lectures. Do you need to be a full time student to attend?

    1. I don’t think you need to be full-time to qualify for the Panetta Lectures. Check with the Student Affairs Office.

  4. Wanted to remind you about the big event planned for Monday (3/21) on campus. The students of the Sustainability Council are hosting “Bag the Bag” including three screenings of the feature film Bag It, local speakers discussing plastic waste issues and proposed bag bans in our area, plus food, fundraisers, petitions and fun stuff from noon to 7pm. See the Sustainability Council website for details. Extra credit available for attending a Bag It screening and discussion, helping out and/or posting your comments in response to this post.

  5. Student Opportunity to Attend the Panetta Institute for Public Policy Lecture Series

    Through the generosity of lecture series sponsors, the Panetta Institute is providing Cabrillo College students (sorry, students only) the opportunity to attend these events. If students would like to attend a lecture, they must fill out a form in the Student Affairs Office. The deadline to submit the form is one week prior to the lecture date.
    This year the lecture series will focus on Protecting the American Dream for Our Children.

    Lecture 2
    Date: Monday, March 28 (submit form by 3/21/11)
    Discussion: How Can Public Education Succeed for Our Children?
    Speakers: Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of Los Angeles
    Jack O’Connell, former state superintendent of public instruction
    Charles Reed, chancellor of the California State University system
    Moderator: Aaron Brown, anchor for PBS Wide Angle

    Lecture 3
    Date: Monday, April 18th (submit form by 4/11/11)
    Discussion: How Does America Lead in a Competitive World?
    Speakers: Chris Dodd, former United States senator
    Stephen Hadley, former assistant to President George W. Bush for national security affairs
    Jim Jones, former assistant to President Barack Obama for national security affairs
    Moderator: Gloria Borger, senior political analyst of CNN

    Lecture 4
    Date: Monday, May 23rd (submit form by 5/23/11)
    Discussion: Can Civility Be Returned in Governing Our Nation?
    Speakers: Evan Bayh and John Warner, both former United States senators
    Moderator: Judy Woodruff, senior correspondent of PBS NewsHour

    Interested? Contact Michelle for more info.

  6. It’s Earth Week at Cabrillo, April 19-23!

    Join us in celebrating our planet and our lovely campus home.
    We are launching the ‘GreenSteps’ campaign to help make sure that Cabrillo is here for the benefit of our great great grandchildren.
    Visit your friends from class and other engaged students at the Sustainability Council table in the main Quad.
    Check out our new website!
    Enter the “Guess Cabrillo’s Energy Bill” Contest to Win Great Prizes:
    $50 EcoGoods Gift Certificates
    $25 New Leaf Gift Certificate
    $25 Whole Foods Gift Certificate
    Organic Cotton EcoGoods Tote Bags
    & Dozens More Prizes to be Raffled & Awarded on Earth Day!
    Find out about the Earth Week events campus groups are holding this week.
    Take the “GreenSteps’ Pledge & Enter Cabrillo Contests

  7. Doodá Desert Rock (Absoulutely NO! Desert Rock Power Plant)

    Tues, March 23 – Noon, Cabrillo College Student Activities Center – SAC East Rm 225

    A presentation about resistance to energy development on indigenous land. Speaker: Elouise Brown (Diné), plus short films.


  8. The Cabrillo Sustainability Council is forming – students are discussing its formation after class and at

  9. Don’t forget to check the bulletin board of the Cabrillo College Sustainability Alliance for more local event news:

  10. March 4th General Assembly to Defend Public Education

    Location: Quad (in front of the 100 building)

    Time: 12:00 – 12:45 p.m.

    Activity: Student and Faculty Speakers will present
    their views on budget cuts and the impact on students.
    Sign-ups to ride the bus for the “March in March” to
    Sacramento on March 22 will also take place. Students,
    faculty, staff and administrators are all welcome to ride
    the buses to Sacramento. This is a good time to reserve
    your space.

    Sponsored by the Cabrillo Solidarity Club

    For more information contact faculty advisor to the
    Cabrillo Solidarity Club, David Lau

  11. The next meeting to discuss the proposal for a student transportation fee at Cabrillo is this Wed (3/3) @ 4 in SAC East 225.

  12. We’ve been offered some help, in the form of curricula (course outlines) and program descriptions from a sister community college – DeAnza College in Cupertino.

    See for more about their programs.

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