These are the topics that Anthr19G students will investigate in Spring 2011:

Anthr19G students from previous terms investigated:

Students are asked to post their topical homework on the topic pages.  They note any important points from their book reading that connect with or inform their research topic.  Every week, each student should post a link or citation for at least one article about their topic (with some comment as to what interested them).

Folks on other topic teams (and former students or outsiders) are always welcome to make comments, suggest links, or anything else that would be helpful to another team.

  • 6 to 8 minutes per team (plus 5 minutes for questions)
  • Everyone should speak at least a little
  • Provide some visuals
    • visuals for the team, not necessarily each individual
    • can be PowerPoint, digital photos, website with graphics, video, poster, demonstration, and/or draw on board
  • Describe key problems briefly (if not widely known)
  • Focus on Local Solutions

3 Responses to “Current Topic Teams”

  1. duendefuego Says:

    Bring this class back for heavens sake!

    1. Sadly, the cuts at Cabrillo (and all community colleges in California) are ongoing and likely to be even worse before they get better.

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