Spring 2011 – Post your “FOOD SYSTEMS: Choices and Politics” topical homework here:

  • Find and read an article (online or in print) and post a link or citationon your topic, with a sentence or two summarizing the most useful points, for at least one item per class meeting.
  • You may post additional links (with or without summaries) for some extra credit.
  • Note any important points from your book reading that connect with or inform your research topic.
  • Folks on other topic teams are welcome to make comments, suggest links, or anything else that would be helpful to this team (this will also earn you some extra credit).

    142 Responses to “FOOD SYSTEMS: Choices and Politics”

    1. mayapuhpaya Says:

      Some students at cabrillo did a calculation of how much “real” food is at cabrillo…it turns out we have about 17% and unfortunatly that is almost all from the drinks (kombucha, Organic Smoothies, Mate….)
      This is a video of Hai Vo a UCIrvine student who participates in Real Food Challenge, a great network of college students working to increase the US college level of “real” food from 2% to 20% by 2020.

    2. aubreylane Says:

      interesting article on a movement to restore regional food security in Missouri. Promoting urban agriculture is a focus of local political agendas and recently legislation passed allowing for more homestead chicken and vegetable raising projects to sprout up. Feed Missouri First aims to restore economic prosperity and to feed the people of their state. make we can follow their lead?

    3. mayapuhpaya Says:

      Amidst uprisings, morning coffee and a global food system this article discuss the current affairs of food. Who is doing what, and who isn’t doing. Highlighting global trade talks, domestic subsidies and famine this article puts in perspective starvation and plenty. Here is the original link, it was also posted on Huffington.

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