Spring 2011 – Post your “FOOD SYSTEMS: SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE & PERMACULTURE” topical homework here:

  • Find and read an article (online or in print) and post a link or citationon your topic, with a sentence or two summarizing the most useful points, for at least one item per class meeting.
  • You may post additional links (with or without summaries) for some extra credit.
  • Note any important points from your book reading that connect with or inform your research topic.
  • Folks on other topic teams are welcome to make comments, suggest links, or anything else that would be helpful to this team (this will also earn you some extra credit).



    1. yuanam Says:

      Here’s a video that I would like to share with you about the interesting world of hugelkultur.

    2. deniellea Says:

      The Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA (a wonderful training site for permaculture as well as other naturalist studies) is sponsoring a 4 seasons year long permacutlture training starting Sept 2011 in case there are people interested in learning locally from a very good source. They are offering it at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School and also will be including principles from Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic farming.


    3. deniellea Says:

      Nice interview with a permaculture instructor

    4. This is a cool little video on a guy in Arizona who turned his own yard into a self-sustaining permaculture. I think we should adopt this kind of thinking and use his behavior as an example for us to follow. Very inspiring!!


    5. abellac Says:

      Perfect Permie Urban farming color drawing. LET’S DO THIS!

    6. abellac Says:


      This is a good way to start your permie garden at home. These are all native plants and they can be planted to accompany all other plants planted, also, to attract pollinators.

    7. deniellea Says:

      Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources:


    8. abellac Says:


      I saw this movie last night. Good solution to recycling human waste so it doesn’t infect the environment.

      Go insects!

    9. abellac Says:


      Compost solution. How to reuse all human waste. Don’t “throw things away.” It doesn’t go away. Re-cycle your poo-poo into the environment.

    10. beverly1748 Says:

      see my post on this blog under FOOD SYSTEMS: Choices and Politics

      Urban Garden Share
      also relates to energy & transportation (my subject): reducing energy usages by growing food locally whether you have your own land or not

    11. mtcaldwell Says:

      See Water Showcase post under Stuff.

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