For The Green Collar Economy book group: enter your reading homework for the first three questions here (and enter the last response on your topic page).Green Collar Economy book

3/2 3/9 3/16 3/23 3/30
Foreward, Introduction, Ch 1 (p. 34) Ch 2 & 3 (p. 86) Ch 4 & 5 (p. 144) Ch 6 & 7 (p. 189) Afterword, Action Items (p. 198) and items from Resource List appropriate to your topic
  1. Explain how one idea in the reading relates to other topics already covered in class or something you learned elsewhere (another class or life experience).
  2. List what you think are the three to five most important points made in the reading.
  3. Write a question to provoke discussion among others who read the same passage.

16 Responses to “The Green Collar Economy

  1. […] the Green for All team, a video that sums up the argument for the new Green Collar Economy: Share this:FacebookStumbleUponDiggRedditEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This […]

  2. aaronjudgement Says:

    Specific groups from the resource list with pertinence to my topic group Sustainable Architecture are:
    Green For All
    U.S. Green Building Council
    Asian Neighborhood Design
    Bay Area Construction Sector Intervention Collaborative

  3. aaronjudgement Says:

    Homework 3/30

    1. The key point in this last section is to stay vigilant and not get sidetracked by politicians and committees who say they are supporting green economy but still follow their earth consuming agendas.
    2. To help the public see through the backlash anti-environmentalists coalitions bent on pushing for fossil fuel expansion as the solution to energy prices.
    3. Find out if your mayor has signed the Green For All Pledge. this pledge requires local govt. leaders to Focus on green collar jobs as a central strategy for advancing environmental, economic, and climate protection goals. With emphasis on offering competitve salaries for green jobs that lead to a lasting career track, community based investments that cannot be outsourced, and direct contributions to preserving or enhancing environmental quality.

    My question for this week is this;
    With all this talk of political activism, and community based prosperity, what are YOU going to do about it?

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