For WorldChanging book group: enter your reading homework for these three questions here (remember to enter useful comments on your topic page, as well).

3/1 3/8 3/15 3/22 4/5
Foreword & Intros (p.11-26), Intro & selections from “Stuff” More selections from “Stuff,” Intro & selections from “Shelter” and post responses for “Stuff” & “Shelter” Intro & selections from “Cities” & “Community” Intro & selections from “Business” & “Politics” Intro & selections from “Planet” and post responses for “Cities,” “Community,” “Business,” “Politics” & “Planet”



  1. Explain how one idea in the reading relates to other topics already covered in class or something you learned elsewhere (another class or life experience).
  2. List what you think are the three to five most important points made in the reading.
  3. Write a question to provoke discussion among others who read the same passage.

39 Responses to “WorldChanging

  1. Evan 057 Says:

    1) The breadth of this book is so immense there are countless ways to relate it’s content to our class discussions. It’s comprehensiveness and diversity of ideas in and of itself is an example of a systems approach to cultural modification and sustainable life styles; inter-relating everything from high-technology to agrarian simplicities, from deep economics too deep politics.

    2) The awareness of the neutrality of technology and science. The practical concepts applicable to society in transition as opposed to sheer idealism. The many information resources offered at the end of each section.

    1) What place do you think genetic engineering should hold in the future of agriculture? What kind of ethics or codes should be adopted?

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